At all of the Apple Blossom Nurseries we have created vegetable planting zones and the children have planted winter vegetables. This helps support their growth and knowledge in understanding of where food really comes from; plus its great fun – if a little mucky!

The children really loved using different tools for different purposes; for example using the rakes to spread the compost out evenly and the trowels to dig some small holes for the seeds to be sown into.

This year we have planted:

  • Onions, Autumn planted onions are easy to grow and will virtually look after themselves over winter time. Onions have a long growing season and will be ready for harvesting in the summer.
  • Cabbage, will be ready for harvesting in the spring months.
  • Broad beans, we will enjoy an early crop of beans at the start of spring
  • Peas, we will enjoy an early crop of peas at the start of spring
  • Spinich, Autumn sowings of spinach will keep you supplied with tender young leaves throughout winter. With regular harvesting it will continue to crop well into summer time.
  • Turnip, will be ready to harvest in spring

We had a lovely discussion about all the different type of vegetables they were planting and how they will help them grow by watering them daily. The children can’t wait to start picking their own veg in the spring time and we will be cooking using their very own ingredients.

Alnwick children

Plant winter veg

Alnwick children

Planting winter veg